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Teaching, Learning, Innovation and (Even) Enjoyment in Large Classes!

On Friday, January 15th, 2010, the Institute for Teaching & Learning welcomes you to a day of teaching and learning workshops. We look forward to lively discussions and the opportunity to share ideas.

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About the Speakers
  • Keith Barker
  • Adam Fry

    Adam is a faculty member in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology where he is a Lecturer and Coordinator of the Biology 1100s courses. Adam has a Ph.D. in Biology and Medicine from Brown University. He has been teaching large, non-majors, and introductory biology courses since coming to UConn in 2005. Adam can be reached at adam.Fry@uconn.edu.

  • Janet Jordan
    Janet is the Manager of the Instructional Resource Center (IRC) at the University of Connecticut. She works with instructors at all the university’s campuses who are interested in utilizing technology to enhance teaching and learning. The IRC provides individual and group training sessions and support for HuskyCT as well as other instructional technologies. Many instructors utilize the hardware and software resources in the IRC and learn to prepare a variety of multimedia instructional materials with assistance from the IRC staff. Janet can be reached at janet.jordan@uconn.edu
  • Richard Kochanek
  • Steve McDermott
  • Catherine Ross
    Catherine is the Associate Director of the Institute for Teaching & Learning, and Director of Teaching Assistant Programs.  She works with faculty, TAs, and ITAs from all disciplines, both individually and in workshops and orientations.  She runs the New Faculty Learning Community and book discussion groups open to all faculty. Her most recent research is focused on undergraduate attitudes towards ITAs and student perceptions of intelligibility. Catherine can be reached at catherine.ross@uconn.edu.
  • Amit Savkar
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