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Teaching Institutes | Storrs 2009

On Friday, January 16th, 2008, the Institute for Teaching & Learning welcomes you to a day of teaching and learning workshops. We look forward to lively discussions and the opportunity to share ideas.

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About the Speakers
  • Eric Anderson

    Eric Anderson is an Instructor in CMB Engineering, where his main teaching responsibilities are the senior courses in Design and the Unit Operations Laboratory sequence.  He has taught a wide range of things, both in and out of universities, starting with giving swimming lessons as a teen.  Most recently, he has taught the large lecture Introduction to Chemical Engineering course, which is the inspiration for this presentation.

  • Carol Artacho Guera

    Carol is the Director of Laboratory Services for the Physics Department, where every semester she coordinates the teaching efforts of about 50 phsyics grad students in the Introductory Physics courses.  She is also responsible for the training of new faculty and new graduate students to the department, and somehow maanges to be involved in the outreach programs in the Department.  Carol's area of interest is science education of language minorities.

  • Manjushri Banerjee
    Manju Banerjee, PH.D., is Associate Director of the Center for Students with Disabilities at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT. She is also Research and Education consultant for the Education Testing Service, Princeton, NJ, and has over 22 years experience in the field of learning and other disabilities. She is currently the Co-PI of a 1.3 million dollar federally funded demonstration grant project focusing on inclusive instruction for faculty teaching online and technology blended courses. Her interests include technology and universal design, disability documentation, and high stakes testing.
  • Kim Chambers
    Kim is the Director of Educational Technologies at the University of Connecticut. In addition to his background in teaching and learning with technology he has worked in college student affairs for over 20 years. Kim earned a Bachelors degree in Psychology, and both Masters and Specialists degrees in Counselor Education from the University of Florida. His Ph.D. is from the University of Connecticut in Family Studies. Kim can be reached at kim.chambers@uconn.edu.
  • Joy Erikson
  • Adam Fry

    Adam is a faculty member in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology where he is a Lecturer and Coordinator of the Biology 1100s courses. Adam has a Ph.D. in Biology and Medicine from Brown University. He has been teaching large, non-majors, and introductory biology courses since coming to UConn in 2005. Adam can be reached at adam.Fry@uconn.edu.

  • Cathy Healy

    Cathy is an Instructional Developer with the Instructional Design & Development group in the Institute for Teaching & Learning at the University of Connecticut.  In addition to her instructional design work, Cathy teaches a learning skills class where students identify their learning styles and learn to adjust their study skills to match their learning style.  She holds a Master of Science in Counseling Education for Student Development in Higher Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  Cathy can be reached at catherine.healy@uconn.edu.

  • Janet Jordan
    Janet is the Manager of the Instructional Resource Center (IRC) at the University of Connecticut. She works with instructors at all the university’s campuses who are interested in utilizing technology to enhance teaching and learning. The IRC provides individual and group training sessions and support for HuskyCT as well as other instructional technologies. Many instructors utilize the hardware and software resources in the IRC and learn to prepare a variety of multimedia instructional materials with assistance from the IRC staff. Janet can be reached at janet.jordan@uconn.edu
  • Marny Lawton

    Marny Lawton holds a Master of Education and Human Development in Educational Technology Leadership from George Washington University and a Master of Science in Organizational Management from Eastern Connecticut State University and a bachelors degree in Art/Art History and Finance from  Albertus Magnus College.  Marny has worked in higher education and online learning for fifteen years and is currently an instructional designer at the University of Connecticut.  Prior to UConn she was the Director of Distance Learning for Boston University's College of Engineering and Associate Director of Distance Education at BU.  At Purdue University she was Manager of the distance education facility for the Schools of Engineering. She also served as computing science adjunct faculty in the Connecticut State University System and is a participating member of Educause, a senior consultant in technology with CampusWorks, Inc., and has published and presented nationally at major technology and education conferences.

  • Desmond McCaffrey
    Desmond is the Director of Instructional Design and Development at the University of Connecticut. As an Instructional Developer and educator, Desmond has over 10 years of experience focusing on curriculum and course design as well as the relevant use of technology in educational settings. Desmond can be reached at desmond.mccaffrey@uconn.edu.
  • Joan McGuire

    Joan M. McGuire, Ph.D., is a Professor Emerita of Special Education and Co-Director of the Center on Postsecondary Education and Disability at the University of Connecticut. She was the 2005 recipient of the University’s AAUP Teaching Excellence Award, and has more than 80 published refereed journal articles. She is the recipient of more than $4.8 million in federal and state grants including $3 million for demonstration projects focused on inclusive instructional strategies for college teaching.  Her research interests include Universal Design for Instruction (UDI); postsecondary disability program development, administration, and evaluation; and adults with learning disabilities. 

  • Sarah Rasher
  • Mary Romney
    Mary Romney is Assistant Extension Professor at the Institute for Teaching and Learning where she teaches in the International Teaching Assistants Program.  Her students are prospective ITAs to whom she provides instruction in pronunciation and all aspects of English language communication for the classroom.  Her research interests are focused on the worldwide uses and users of English. Mary can be reached at mary.l.romney-schaab@uconn.edu.
  • Catherine Ross
    Catherine is the Associate Director of the Institute for Teaching & Learning, and Director of Teaching Assistant Programs.  She works with faculty, TAs, and ITAs from all disciplines, both individually and in workshops and orientations.  She runs the New Faculty Learning Community and book discussion groups open to all faculty. Her most recent research is focused on undergraduate attitudes towards ITAs and student perceptions of intelligibility. Catherine can be reached at catherine.ross@uconn.edu.
  • Kevin Sullivan

    Kevin Sullivan is Director of Academic Support at the University of Connecticut. He has worked in higher education for more than 28 years as a Director of Counseling, counselor, and instructor.  He works with both undergraduate and graduate students at UConn, helping them improve their academic, social and personal performance.

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