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Faculty Learning Community

At its core the Faculty Learning Community (FLC) is a group of faculty interested in sharing scholarship, research and pedagogy; this includes specific themes and content areas across disciplines, as well as teaching and learning strategies.  For instance “Local Environments, Global Citizens” was the 2010-2011 theme. 

Faculty Learning Community meetings may consist of:
Teaching and learning strategies—discussions, often with the help of ITL experts, of strategies that might enhance our own teaching.

Faculty scholarship and teaching
—presentations and discussions by selected faculty members on the strategies they use to make their teaching most effective (sometimes combined with the above for interesting and provocative discussion about teaching). 

Content related discussions—book-club-style discussions of specific group-chosen books, films, art exhibits, or other materials related to our theme.

Interdisciplinary connections—discussions about how our theme touches our teaching and connects student learning on campus. It was this kind of discussion that inspired our FLC; the hunger to explore new ideas, share and connect with what one another is doing in the classroom.


Nancy Parent Christine Green/Diane Barcelo Laurie Wolfley
Faculty Learning Community coordinators (L-R) Nancy Parent, Christine Green, Diane Barcelo and Laurie Wolfley.

Avery Point Learning Community
Student Presentation The Faculty Learning Community core provides the framework for the more student-focused LC, whose goal is to immerse students in various gatherings of their peers, faculty and community members to facilitate student learning and growth in a cooperative and collaborative interdisciplinary environment.  The LC includes several opportunities for student interaction, including lunchtime discussions, in which a faculty member facilitates a theme-related discussion among students and other faculty; symposia; field trips; and a possible culminating poster session.  Faculty members who see a strong connection between the theme and one of their courses are encouraged to become even more involved in the LC by declaring their course an “LC course,” and they may choose to make some of the LC events and activities an inherent part of their course or incorporate other activities, such as service learning or case studies, to round out the LC experience.

Student Presentation Earth Day Field Trip
The Avery Point Learning Community hosts discussions, presentations by students and faculty, symposia and field trips.






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